Nordic Race Analysis Tools

Birkie Predictor

This tool finds all of the selected skier's results from the 2017/2018 (and '16/'17 since last years Birkie didn't happen) racing season and uses those results to predict an equivalent performance at the 2016 51k Birkie Freestyle race.

This is done using the Compare Races tool found on this site. Essentially all racers who did both races are used to build a mathematical model to translate results from one race to another.

Of course this is pretty tricking for many reasons. Who missed the wax, who was sick, the races are approaching two years apart now, one race might be a 5 kilometer classic race and the 2016 Birkie Freestlye was clearly not.

That isn't to say it is all complete crap, but take it with a grain of salt. Does the prediction match how you feel your training has been going? How about a subjective feel of your results lately?

As they say, the best predictor is to actually go out and race, but until February 24th 2018, all you can do is train, race, and... try to predict.