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Racer ID: 5718
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Event DateEvent NameTimePercent BackOverall Place
2013-02-232013 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:47:0275.61774
2014-02-222014 Birkie 50km Freestyle04:49:05114.91985
2015-01-182015 Marine OBrien Ski Race 20km Freestyle01:19:4741.144
2015-02-212015 Birkie 51km Freestyle04:10:1489.11918
2016-02-202016 Birkie 51km Freestyle04:16:55104.62696
2017-01-082017 Preloppet 17km Freestyle00:53:5454.487
2017-02-112017 Pre-Birkie 42km Freestyle03:25:4173.0317
2018-01-072018 Preloppet 17km Freestyle01:03:0251.9139
2018-01-202018 Three Rivers Rennet 26km Freestyle01:20:4349.077
2018-01-282018 Marine OBrien Ski Race 25km Freestyle01:33:0536.148
2018-02-042018 City of Lakes 38km Freestyle02:58:3562.6350
2018-02-242018 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:50:1487.91880
2019-01-062019 PreLoppet 17km Freestyle01:01:0148.9131
2019-01-192019 Hyland Rennet 22km Freestyle01:20:3561.9114
2019-02-042019 City of Lakes Loppet 17km Freestyle01:07:0764.8399
2019-02-232019 Birkie 50km Freestyle04:21:1297.02077