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Racer ID: 5856
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Event DateEvent NameTimePercent BackOverall Place
2013-02-232013 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:15:1851.0862
2013-02-232013 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:33:5265.41373
2014-02-222014 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:57:0576.3927
2014-02-222014 Birkie 50km Freestyle04:04:4582.01093
2015-02-212015 Birkie 51km Freestyle03:30:0758.8932
2016-02-202016 Birkie 51km Freestyle03:30:0067.21365
2016-12-242016 Winter Warmup 10km Freestyle00:27:1316.837
2017-01-072017 SISU Ski Fest 31km Classic02:24:4216.75
2017-02-112017 Vasaloppet 42km Classic01:58:002.64
2018-01-132018 Seeley Hills Classic 38km Classic02:29:1433.561
2018-01-202018 Three Rivers Rennet 26km Freestyle01:08:5627.326
2018-01-272018 City of Lakes 30km Classic01:56:0567.2112
2018-01-272018 City of Lakes 30km Classic01:29:3429.027
2018-02-042018 City of Lakes 38km Freestyle02:15:2423.390
2018-02-042018 City of Lakes 38km Freestyle02:35:1141.3212
2018-02-242018 Birkie 55km Classic03:24:4322.183
2018-02-242018 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:14:2058.6930
2019-01-062019 PreLoppet 17km Freestyle00:52:4228.686
2019-01-192019 Hyland Rennet 22km Freestyle01:11:2143.382
2019-01-192019 Hyland Rennet 22km Freestyle01:05:1130.954
2019-02-032019 City of Lakes Loppet 37km Classic02:46:0758.7121
2019-02-042019 City of Lakes Loppet 17km Freestyle00:57:5042.0235
2019-02-092019 Vasaloppet - Classic 42km Classic02:48:0830.444
2019-02-092019 Vasaloppet - Classic 42km Classic03:05:5844.364
2019-02-232019 Birkie 50km Freestyle05:35:00152.73240
2019-02-232019 Birkie 50km Freestyle03:22:5953.1705